Contact Information

Questions regarding Fund liability and future medical expense claims should be directed to:

Diane Konsella
AVP – Operations and Services
715-841- 1681

Rick Beese
Sr. Technical Claim Specialist

Marion Buckley
Sr. Technical Claim Specialist

Phil Summers
Sr. Technical Claim Specialist

Patricia Sommer
Technical Claim Specialist

The Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund insures Wisconsin participating physicians and other health care providers against medical malpractice claims that exceed statutory established primary insurance limits.

Wausau, under contract with the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, provides claim management services for claims made against Fund covered health care providers.

In addition, Wausau maintains records, reviews claims and recommends to the Fund’s state staff reimbursement of Fund claimants for certain costs when amounts have been awarded or agreed to specifically for claimants’ future medical expenses.