Contact Information

Questions regarding quotes for Plan coverage, policy administration, including quotes for coverage, premium payments and other underwriting issues, as well as return of Plan excess surplus and unclaimed property issues should be directed to:

Char Koziel
Senior Underwriter

Vicky Robinson
Senior Underwriter

Questions regarding Plan claims should be directed to:

Stuart Langdon
Sr. Technical Claim Specialist

WHCLIP is a statutory unincorporated association (insurance company) that provides professional medical liability (medical malpractice) insurance coverage, and general liability coverage incidental to professional health care services, to statutorily determined eligible health care providers.

Under contract with the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, Wausau provides services to address the Plan’s underwriting, premium collection, policy issuance, policy management, claim adjustment, accounting, data processing and investment needs.

Wausau also provides management services for the Plan’s return of excess surplus to policyholders as may be determined by the Plan’s Board of Governors.  This includes management of unclaimed property claims by the various states and assisting policyholders with claims for amounts escheated/paid to a state under unclaimed property laws.